Pink Fire Pointer Interactive Marketing: How to Find the Internet Radio Station You Want



How to Find the Internet Radio Station You Want

Interested in finding an internet radio station. This article will point you in the right direction and explain the best options you can use to find stations you are interested in as well as the different kinds of stations available.

The options to find internet radio stations abound. The most commonly used method would be internet radio station directories. These directories list only internet radio stations. I will list a few at the end of this article. There are many of these directories available online. Some list thousands of radio streams while others list a few hundred exclusive stations.

Using these directories is usually very easy and straight forward. They will have a listing of all stations, listings by genre, and many have listing by bitrate or location to make your choice easier. Most of them have a search system so you can choose any or all of the mentioned options to find your preferred station.

The genres available can range from talk radio, news broadcasts, music of any kind you can imagine, to live dj's that offer some or part of all of these. Since internet radio stations originate from just about every country in the world your choices are limitless. Unlike conventional radio your choices are not limited to your radio receiver. There are also AM and FM radio stations that offer internet streams from their physical stations as a listening option. This can allow you to listen to your local radio station as well.

In conclusion I will list some of the most common basic genres available.

Alternative, Americana Blues, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, Easy Listening, Electronica, Folk, Freeform, Funk, International, Jazz, Oldies, Pop, R&B, RapHip-Hop, Reggae, Religious, Rock, Soundtracks, Talk, Various.