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Internet Radio the Source of Better Entertainment

Don't you just feel bored while driving a car or tired when you are on a long drive Isn't it true that a soft soothing music frees you from your boredom or maybe a lively hard rock may enlighten your spirits depending upon your taste But what if you do not have any music system in your car or you just do not want to listen to that same numbers for that umpteenth time.

Then again thanks to technology, you just need to have access to Internet and bingo! You have access to streaming media broadcasting. Internet radio services are usually accessible from anywhere in the world, you could listen to an Australian station from Europe or America. Now, the Internet penetration into the worldwide market has been evident and is nearly over a billion users mark. Almost 70% of the American population has access to the Internet from home, and one-third can access the Internet at work too. The WI-FI systems now facilitate the internet access even at remotest locations.

Well, it may have gone unnoticed, but the past few years have seen the re-emergence of a new kind of radio - or is it something else that just feels like radio The appearance of Internet radio has been like a mirror to the emergence of streaming technology and recent advances in audio hardware. You really can listen to your computer the way an earlier generation listened to a radio console or Hi-Fi system. And if you're connected to the Internet, you can pick up sounds from all around the world.

Most Internet radio stations are free and offer interactive programming and include images, animation and even video. In contrast to the conventional broadcast radio where the size of the audiences could be measured via ratings, the internet radio user size cannot be determined similarly as the user access a particular page that is streaming media files. The broadcast radio still relies on estimating the size of audiences via the ratings of the shows. In case of the internet radio shows one can measure each time a user accesses a particular page or program and in many cases can provide detailed demographic data about the people visiting their sites.

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