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Internet Radio

After years of development, internet radio has seen rapid growth recently. According to research from January 2005 to January 2006, internet radio audiences increased by 50%. Although internet radio is still in its infancy, it is in big demand. You can listen to all types of music or chat online at the click of a mouse. Streaming quality is improving all the time, making it easier for you to listen, the quality in some cases can be better than that hot FM station that you like so much . Even the way you listen is improving!

Whilst millions listen to internet radio on their computers, there are also new stand alone players on the market too. Internet radio is all about variety. On normal FM  AM radio, it’s a case of channel surfing when a song you don’t like comes on. Most popular songs these days get too much airplay and are played to death! Most people nowadays prefer a certain type of Dance, Rock, Classical. . According to a recent survey 74% of people admitted to being bored with their usual radio broadcast service. Also 85% wanted easier access to internet radio, because there’s more to choose from. Online radio provides selection, and millions of people worldwide are enjoying internet radio right now.

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