Pink Fire Pointer Interactive Marketing: Seven steps to attract customers and the recession



Seven steps to attract customers and the recession

Regardless of the external economic environment, companies must focus on creating products or services that meet customer needs and add that value to solve this problem in one or more clients: To promote excellence customer service and increase the value and usefulness of the service, and very effective benefits of investing in people, not just lip service to the importance of staff: But the reality is that when some businessmen to poor cash flow and highly competitive external environment, other business to invest in non-emergency personnel as a means to reduce overhead and hopes instead to rally with the current level of knowledge and skills of staff. The approach to the empowerment of staff is not often associated with the expectation that the company may retain and rely on existing customers, but the search for a new in this short-sighted approach has led to Many companies and can not find a more competitive and may even result in loss of market share to competition;

Services training and coaching are often the first budget of the MARC Record Items be removed because companies do not want to pass, when their rating is not easy to calculate the return on investment. Sales trainers, however, is often busy during this period, as well as organizations focus on how sales and marketing teams can hit targets more. After the initial blitz, the situation returns to what it was even worse pre-sales training and sales force to a tired staff is more concerned about who will be among the first to go. Is there an alternative? Organizations can choose to enhance existing customer relationships, even as they attract new ones.

Here are seven steps you can take to ensure they retain existing customers, as you are in the news.

* To improve customer service. Treat everyone like a valued customer (internal and external). It pays dividends motivated employees and loyal customers for loyal customers for directions.

* Repackage your services or products to include a menu reflecting the different needs of customers. Customers will benefit from a much greater value for money.

* Offer support, for example, free advice, not to sell, but the solution.

* Customer loyalty reward. This may include providing a free report or product samples.

* Be flexible. It is easy for customers to do business with you. Go to them rather than let them come to you.

* Provide incentives for new customers, discounts for multiple purchases.

* To invest in staff training, particularly to improve customer service and innovative approaches to gain new customers.