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Slim9 is really a weight loss pill that is ahead of its time. Slim9 is just as powerful as other leading weight loss pills but it is also healthier and provides better lasting results. From our experience with Slim9 we can conclude that customer service is excellent and shipping is fast and discreet. They also hold true to their 6 month money back guarantee (one of our volunteer testers turned the offer down last minute and we returned her unopened 3 month supply with no hassle).

Slim9 diet pills are recommended for all women whether you want to lose 50 lbs, 10 lbs or even if you just lost weight and want to keep it off. Slim9 is all natural, risk free and best of all it's good for you.

Slim9 Company Reputation. Slim 9 would like you to think they have a money back guarantee. On their home page they boast of their 6 month satisfaction guarantee. However searching through the fine print reveals that Slim 9 only offer returns on unopened bottles. Gee thanks, Slim 9. So it turns out that Slim 9 is only a “risk-free purchase” until you open the bottle. Worse than not having a guarantee is the falsely advertised guarantee. It shows that a diet pill company has zero confidence in their product and is extremely misleading. You can order this product in