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Strategies Blog - combining social networks and blogs for more openness

If you set the commercial Internet, but you are not blogging, then you are missing out one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic to your site. However, getting the blog set up and maintain is only part of the story: One of the most successful strategies include the use of blog sites Web 2.0 social networking to publish your blog.

The main cause of social bookmarking sites should be part of your daily activity of the Internet is that many people use these objects, as their main source of Armenia and gossip about the famous social media site, like a lot of traffic : Digg took over 230 million visitors in 2008. People visit Digg and similar sites to see what is new content and share websites, including blog: If users like what they read, they can vote for the article, and if an item is known as the best pages of Digg and see millions of visitors. Other social sites to use the voting system.

If you want to submit to Digg and other social sites do not get any sound, you still get the benefit of a sense of backlinks to your blog, so it well worth the time to point to your own blog posts on marketing sites social development. Also, it is very easy to do and very often a single click of a button.

Another benefit of blogging and social networking sites branding of your case for you and building your credibility. Be sure to use keywords that people use to find your type of business: Social networks to give your blog a big boost in search rankings, and you may find that you can get your site in the top ten for a Google-word terms, if you have a disciplined approach to social marketing.

Speaking of discipline, not for too much when it comes to social networks. Too many people try to present their entry for each social network, only to find that they feel overwhelmed by the huge number of social networking sites that have arisen in a relatively short period of time.

It is much easier to choose a few dozen social networking sites better focus on your business and 90-95% of your social network and marketing efforts on the sites of the other 5-10% of the time allotted can be used in your post from other social marketing sites, where you want to maintain a presence.

Using a centralized and disciplined in blogs and social networks, you get much more publicity for your blog, and online business as you, if you participate in the haphazard approach to social marketing. It combines social networking with messages of your own blog is one of the best strategies blog that you can implement.