Pink Fire Pointer Interactive Marketing: Use of projection DLP Lamps



Use of projection DLP Lamps

Today most people prefer to use LCD displays than traditional CRT monitors. Moreover, DLP projection lamps  and plasma TV are popular types of TV technologies available in the market. All the latest technologies guarantee you excellent flexibility and crystal clear picture. Even those with only a few inches thick, LCD, DLP and plasma displays, are still available in wider screen sizes. Current TV technology can help you get the best of the entertainment business of the 21st century.
On 28 Taipei Audio Video Fair: A DLP 56 'TV by La Vea in Taiwan.

All this new technology is quite similar to each other when it comes to their features, but they work on different display mechanisms. LCD, DLP and plasma displays are lightweight, flat screened and can be hung anywhere. But when it comes to image quality, there are major differences between the three. LCD, that is. liquid crystal display manufactured by sandwiching liquid crystals between two thin glass plates. An electric charge, when passed through the liquid crystal sandwich, these liquid crystals, light up in different colors and produce excellent quality images. On the other hand, the plasma screen, also arranged tiny gas filled cells, which is heated by an electrical charge to produce high quality images.