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Radio Broadcasting - Going Online

What is broadcasting

Broadcasting is the distribution of signals, video or audio, to an audience like the general public or communities. A big part of the media is focused on broadcasting, through which can access a wide range of listeners and viewers all over the world.

What is Webcasting

Webcasting was invented in 1993 and it meant streaming music or videos through streaming media technology to a mixture of listeners and viewers anywhere in the world. Using pretty cheap and accessible technology to webcast, has lead media to an outstanding evolution.

Internet radio stations primary targets are the listeners and not the advertisers unlike the commercial radio stations on the classic airwaves, because most of the times, the listeners are the source of income. Money come depending on the record sales and are distributed mostly to blockbusters artists and not to those artists whose songs are streamed by one specific radio station.

To operate an internet radio stations, owners need a specific type of broadcast license that varies worldwide from country to country. Indeed, internet radio has its issues, like copyright, licensing and advertising but there are too many things to cover in just one article.

The main goal of IR is covering an overall area of listeners that own a computer with a good internet connection. In the near future, this can all change and simplify due to the rapid evolution of technology, internet radio could be enjoyed worldwide through portable wireless devices. IR will become widespread.

During a very short period of time, Internet radio has outrun the terrestrial and satellite networks and has become commercially successful.