Pink Fire Pointer Interactive Marketing: Using the Power of Radio to Recruit Employees



Using the Power of Radio to Recruit Employees

Who and what would be impacted by radio recruiting

The employers first and foremost would be impacted, secondly people seeking jobs, last but not least the economy. Using radio as a medium to advertise career opportunities is a great idea as millions of people not only watch television but they listen to radio stations as well, just another tool for networking. You have to network if you want a job, every tool that you can get your hands on helps.

Who would benefit the most from radio recruiting

Most people are up early in the morning, or at noon for lunch or during the dinner hour or during the weekend these times would be perfect for employers who advertise job openings on radio stations during peak periods. The companies would benefit from filling positions and people looking for work would benefit.

What impact could radio recruiting have on the economy

Over time recruiting for jobs via radio broadcasting would eliminate the cost of hosting a job fair, once workers are employed they should start to spend money within the first 6 months of landing a job. First employees would have to catch up on overdue bills and to put a minimal amount of money in their savings to build on their nest egg, but eventually they will spend money on luxury items once they get caught up financially. This would improve the economy in time which indirectly would help the stock markets and mutual funds rebound.

How would this change peoples thoughts towards using radio stations to broadcast job opening

For reasons of there own chances are people would be thrilled about job prospects via employment radio broadcasts. People would be much more inclined to listen to their local radio stations for the best employment prospects.

How much would employers save by recruiting via radio

Recruiting employees via radio broadcasts would be an economical way to recruit employees, job fairs are fine and dandy but come with expenses like hotel rooms for company reps, rental of a booth and handling large amounts of applicants therefore requiring manpower.

Why use radio for this purpose

Because radio advertising is a quick way to reach lots of people in record time, just imagine the phones ringing off the hook.


Radio is a very valuable tool because of the reach and demographics that listen to their radio stations, this gives employers a wide range of people and skills to choose from in a short amount of time. But my question is would self employment meet your financial needs Maybe like writing an ebook about your occupation and the steps it takes to get your college degree or designation. There are people all over the world who would like to know how you got where you are today, step by step. Take everything you know and put it into a downloadable ebook which you could sell on the internet. Many people use this method to supplement their income or in some cases if their really lucky into a full time income, depending what the demand is for the information they are making available and the price people are willing to pay for your information product. Just take a look on the internet at how many people are selling ebooks covering various topics. In closing, something to consider and good luck with whatever you decide to do.